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The company's main products are hydraulic hole device, fast hydraulic clamp, electric / manual hydraulic pipe bending machine, the series of hydraulic cylinders, mechanical wire crimping pliers, cold pliers and other manual power tools. To meet the needs of the majority of users, we will continue to "quality first, users first, quality and cheap, the implementation of Three Guarantees" for the purpose, determined to establish a better corporate image.

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Light, easy to carry, and reasonable design.
Imported seals, so that the cylinder is not easy to wear continuous work. Dust seals can reduce pollution and prolong cylinder life. High-strength reset spring, 250 tons or more (including 250 tons) cylinder load reset. All models are equipped with a R2 3/8 male connector and dust cap. Standard flat saddle, can be customized tilt saddle.

Applicable to transmission and distribution room inside and outside the project, a variety of connection tools, overhead underground cable professional use. 10kv-500kv high voltage cable bushing, clip, bare terminal, hexagonal crimping, precision is not easy to fall off, good conductivity. Will continue to develop titanium alloy T64 material, to reduce the weight of the construction work easily.